Our Process at The Natural Laundry

1. Garment Examination

This process starts with a full inspection of each garment where all details about an item are recorded in our system. These notes will follow the garment through every step of the wet cleaning cycle, ensuring that our colleagues are fully aware of what is required for each piece.

2. Stain Spotting

This is where stains are assessed and treated by hand using a range of non-toxic agents. Depending on the nature of the stain our professional Stain Spotting Experts will choose the appropriate stain remover.

3. Cleaning

Next, the garment is put into our intelligent specialised cleaning machines. Their delicate and sophisticated mechanical action ensures fibres are respected and items can be cleaned safely - a bit like a 'hand wash', only much more effective. The appropriate cycle and biodegradable detergent are selected for each specific fabric, and the required amount of water to maintain the integrity of the garment is programmed to be drawn into and from the machine.

4. Drying & Pressing by hand

Once the cleaning is completed, we dry the garments in gentle dryers or let them air dry on special lines, before we steam shape on specifically designed machines to give the best finish for the individual item. Our professional pressers will hand finish away all remaining creases and make sure the item is pressed to the highest standard.

5. Quality Check

Before being packed carefully ready to return to you, we perform an individual check of each garment, one after the other, to ensure that the process has worked its magic.

6. Pick up!

Your freshly clean clothes are now ready to be picked up in-store. You will receive a message on your mobile once they are ready.

The Wet Clean Technology

Our specialists hand-treat fabrics with natural pre-spotting products to remove any stains, before we clean the garments using water and bio-degradable detergents in our specialist machines. This means that the water used in the cleaning process, ends up harmless to the environment. With the machinery carefully weighing each load, the automatic dosing system then uses the correct amount of chemicals, reducing waste and only heats the correct amount of required water, to reduce energy usage.